Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the walker

Here is one of Jonah's new tricks...he has learned how to get around in the walker!!!  Nevermind the girl in the background who is whining for "her own" ice cream:)  He thinks it's pretty cool and we've even found him trying to get into things already (like the plates on the console table, the freezer:)  I might have to re-baby proof the house!  

He is growing up fast, isn't he?!  He even has his first ear infection:( confirmed by the doctor at his 8 month appointment today.  Poor thing has been pretty miserable the last few days...104 degree fever...runny nose...waking up in the night several times.  It's been fun, but we're hoping the antibiotics will do their thing.  Fast:)  

He is now weighing in at 17.8 pounds and the percentages at his apppointment were 25% for head, 10-25% for weight, and 50-75% for height!  Skinny little thing!!!   

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The Hansen's said...

okay, mom! time for an update on the walker :)