Friday, April 23, 2010

Testing YouTube

I'm just trying out working YouTube in to the blog. Here's a recent video of Jayda practicing her dancing.

Looking forward - Summer 2010

This spring and summer are already busy and the chaos is just beginning. Two toddlers running around, collectively building a machine shed complete with living areas, followed by a new baby, followed by selling and moving out of one house and building a new house. Throw in possibly a new dog for Grandma and Grandpa, a little golfing and travel. Whew. Actually it all sounds pretty good.

I am preparing myself with one of these little bad boys--a mini video camera, so hopefully between working and living there will be plenty of updates as things happen. And for the amateur tech geek in me, this should be fun.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

We broke ground...ha!

A week ago our roomies came home from Israel. Woohoo!!! We missed you Mom & Dad!

This also meant that the work has just begun for them and us...we even broke ground where our house will be...sort of:) (makes some great dirt for your garden, right Heidi?)

and here is one of our windows that were delivered today. I didn't realize they were the size of a person!

And last but not our new friends. Mommy Duck and Daddy Duck. This morning they snuck up on Dad and we ran out to feed them some bread. They made their way back to our house three more times today. The kids loved it. Is it possible to feed a duck too much bread???

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Remember this? 15 months later the kids are still working on their sweet moves:)