Friday, February 13, 2009

best buds

I am still amazed at how well Jayda and Isaiah play together...sometimes she will even ask Isaiah for help before coming to me!  Their new thing lately is to take turns on the potty...Isaiah went pee on the potty three times on Monday!!!  Jayda likes to sit on the potty but hasn't quite figured out how to get there in time.  On Wednesday I made them each a potty chart, so now instead of an M&M each time they pee, they will get a sticker and when they finally go #2 in the potty they will get a "special treat"!  Last night Jayda was looking at all the stickers and she wanted one so bad!  So she sat on the potty a long time but still no luck.  I explained she only gets a sticker after she pees, and she agreed, "yea- I go pee on the potty and get a hot dog sticker!"  (hot dog is her name for mickey mouse)  Haha, she'll get it soon enough:)

The other day I caught them snuggling during their "show" before nap time.  It was too cute not to share...

Here's another picture of them playing outside this last week... I am so excited for spring to get here- it is going to be so much fun playing outside with the little ones!!!

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alisha said...

good idea with the potty chart....Isaiah has gone potty yesterday and today at least 15 times in the potty--including poop yesterday morning and this morning!! I think he's getting it. I let him wear big boy undies today for a little while before nap!! :) We were even upstairs this morning and he said, "I'll be right back I have to go potty" I can't believe it!!!