Monday, May 25, 2009

faith like a child:)

Tonight Jayda threw a book at me (not really intentionally) and hit my arm.  She kissed it and said, "God will heal it..." (something we usually say after getting owies)

then she says..."God's in m-m-my heart...and God's in y-y-your heart too? 

...and God's in the basement?....i-i-in the hole?  and he's on the wall?"

This all came from our conversation last night.  We were talking about Him healing another owie and she said, "God will come heal it and then he will go bye bye?  Where is God?"  I didn't think my conversations with a 2 1/2 year old would be this deep.  He's everywhere.  He's way up high, he's here, and there, and he's in your heart and mommie's heart too.  

"He's in my heart?  What is my heart mommie?  ...and he's in your heart too?"  We were in the basement and she looked up at the ceiling and said "I want to see him... hold me way high up"  So I did. 

The "hole" is the heat vent which she kept trying to look into, to see God.  Seek and you shall find, right? :) 


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Holly said...

that is SO precious. thanks for sharing!