Wednesday, January 14, 2009

fun video, pictures, &...teething???

Sweet Moves!
This is a few weeks old, but so cute...Isaiah and Jayda love to dance to all kinds of music.  Since we bought Jayda her own little pink cd player, she has been playing the Go Fish cd's that Alisha gave to us ALL DAY LONG.  A few times I have peeked in her room and found her dancing to Go Fish and watching Elmo all by herself (a rare thing for Jayda to play by herself!) 

Sweet Shades!
A few days ago Jayda decided to put her sunglasses on "Jo" as she now calls him:)   It was too funny...even Jonah was laughing!

Sweet Stash!
Mr. Potato Head is one of Jayda's favorite toys right now...she really likes to get creative with the pieces hahaha...

Sweet girl...
It's amazing how fast my babies are growing up!  Jonah will be 6 months soon and Jayda is becoming such a good big sister!  I have noticed her becoming more motherly lately...this morning during breakfast she had one of her dollies on the table next to her cereal.  She gently patted the baby's belly the entire time.  It was really sweet! 

So I know there's lots of stuff going around, but I am beginning to think Jonah is teething.  He hasn't been himself since yesterday.  He only ate three times ALL day and his poor nose is running like crazy.  Last night we took his temperature (haha...the accurate way...Jayda watched and then said, "my butt!!!  mama butt!!!") and he had his first fever of 99.9 degrees...Every time I try to feed him he gets very angry and I'm pretty sure his bottom gums look more um..bumpy?  We put a washcloth on his head last night and I think it helped a lot.  Jayda had to put a "hat" on her head too:) 


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The Hansen's said...

that first video of the kids dancing is so great! As I was watching I could only think...oooh, these moments are what make being a stay home mommy so wonderful :) Jonah is so big! I think he looks like you lately! Hope you're staying warm over there...