Saturday, December 13, 2008

our little plaster bear

On Friday we took Jonah to Iowa City to get a second opinion on the treatment of his feet. The doctors there see this every day and they said the best thing is to put him in casts. They gave us the option of waiting a couple months, or they could do it that day. Just a few minutes later, we brought him into another room and three doctors started wrapping up his feet...and then his legs... and pretty soon his entire legs were covered in plaster.

He got pretty upset when they started stretching his feet, but as soon as I gave him the bottle he calmed down. You can see him here just staring at us. I can only imagine what he was thinking as his legs were being weighed down!

I will head back down to Iowa City this coming Wednesday to get another set of casts, and then again 5 days later. The doctors are hoping he will only need to be in casts for 10 days total, so we are praying for them to be right! He is taking it really well so far. His first night he was up about every two hours...oh and he already got poop on them:) I am pretty excited that his feet will be corrected so quickly, but I feel bad that he has to go through this.

Here are his casts after they were all dry. Come on over if you'd like to sign them! Ha:)

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The Hansen's said...

Oh, the little peanut... that picture of him looking up at you just melts my heart. How was MOM when he was getting wrapped up? I think I would have cried a little! I'm so glad the casts are for only 10 days. I'll be praying for that too...I never got a chance to chat with you more about this tonight. I'll be thinking of you guys! Keep us posted!! thanks for bringing your little family over tonight :-)