Monday, December 8, 2008

Metatarsus Adductus

When Jonah was 3 months old, Cliff's grandpa asked if there was something wrong with Jonah's feet. I had always wondered why they were so curved and why he didn't stand on the bottoms of his feet. The fact that someone else noticed his feet meant that I wasn't just being an over-concerned mommy. So a few weeks ago I took him to a foot doctor, who said he really didn't know if there was anything wrong... so we had to get a second opinion from Dr. Cervetti here in town, and found out that Jonah has Metatarsus Adductus. (I think it might be just a fancy term for being extremely pigeon toed???) He said there is a big misconception that this is normal and it will go away on its own, but that is not true.
So today I picked up his little "Wheaton Braces," which he is supposed to wear most of the day and night for about 3 months....As you can see, they are MUCH too big for him. (plus his little legs are too chubby to fit the upper part- haha!) They didn't try them on when I went in this morning, so I am hoping they will be able to order a smaller size and re-fit them to fit his legs. We are praying for a quick and painless adjustment for little Jonah. My biggest fear is that he will hate them and will not be able to get comfortable enough to sleep in them. Talk about nightmares... At least he got a kick out of us trying to put them on tonight!

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Jess said...

Oh, little peanut! I hope everything is going well with his new braces... he seems to like them in the pictures :)