Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jayda, Ashley, & Belle

My big girl Jayda turned 4 on October 31st. What a good girl she smart & caring. Her favorite things right now are coloring with Macy, anything to do with princesses (especially Ariel & Belle), dancing & singing, dressing herself (this happens more than once a day), provoking Jonah:), and of course playing with our new pets!

Belle is our newest addition at the trees. She is a 6 month old golden retreiver & is an outside dog. She is so sweet & pretty too. I couldn't ask for a nicer dog. We love her!

Here is Jayda's kitty which she named Ashley. She is very girly- gentle & fluffy.

Here is Jonah with mama kitty, named "mama." He's been chasing the kitties & carrying them around all morning. We also have two other kitties- Jonah's is the all black boy kitty which he named "pink" :) Silas has the smallest one & her name is Cali.

In other news, Silas recently had his 4 month old checkup and weighs over 18 pounds!

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