Friday, August 28, 2009

our new life

Today marks the two week anniversary of living with....what? my parents??? Two weeks ago we closed on our house and moved in with Mamas and Grandpa Brody. When we put our house on the market in July we weren't expecting it to sell four days later!!

Jonah has gained FOUR pounds since we've moved in 2 weeks ago. Haha!

Goodbye old house:(

It was so sad to leave the house that I brought my little ones home to. Plus, I was a little nervous but I have to admit that they have been so easy to live with! I am very thankful for their "sacrifice" and things are going really well over here at the Brody/Carlson residence. Jonah has become a total Grandma's boy and Jayda had no problem adjusting at all.

Quick update since my last post...Jonah turned ONE and is starting to walk! Jayda moved to a big girl bed and is POTTY TRAINED, we moved, Cliff and I had our FIVE year anniversary (and a really nice night away from the kids in Iowa City- thanks Gma and Gpa Carlson), my little Levi turned ONE, and Alisha and I are moving into a new position at the Credit Union. Lots of big changes this summer...I'm looking forward to taking it easy this fall and winter to gear up for our big project next spring.

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