Sunday, June 28, 2009

another Carlson wedding

Yesterday we went to Iowa City to witness the marriage of Cliff's cousin, Travis, and Megan. The ceremony was outside and picture perfect...except for the HEAT! I'm not sure what the index was, but with the humidity I'm guessing it was over 100 degrees. I watched the first half of the wedding behind a fence because Jayda wanted to "go inside" but there was no where to go. I think this was our first wedding/reception with two little ones. I'll just say that getting ready for the event was more fun than trying to keep them occupied for 5 1/2 hours (totally my fault for not bringing any toys. I guess I'll know better next time.)

here's my boys getting ready to go...aren't they handsome?

and the cute newlyweds...

and here's Jonah sweating his little tooshie off.

we eventually stripped him down to his shorts. Jayda appears to be loving on him, but this shot was taken a few seconds after she was pretending to bite his back. ??? She is so sweet and so naughty sometimes!

Here's a random thing that most of you have probably heard about by now. The other morning I was drying my hair and heard Jayda screaming in the kitchen. We had waffles for breakfast...apparently she wanted more syrup because she had stuck her finger in the bottle and it was TOTALLY stuck. I panicked because her finger was already turning purple and it had swelled enough to make it impossible to slide off. After water, soap, and trying to cut the lid with a normal scissors, (and panicking with the thought of her finger falling off...or having to take her to urgent care for THIS) we found a way to cut it off with a metal cutters. She now says that it was "silly" although I would say it was more scary at the time. Just glad there was no harm done and no bill to pay!

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